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AJF Design creates classic garden landscapes that exhibit a formal structure with a very intimate feel. With a background in landscape architecture, horticulture, interior design, and antiques, designs flow seamlessly from interior to exterior. Outdoor rooms are accented with classic stonework, planters and lighting that compliment the textures and colors of the landscape.

In addition to the aesthetic, the process considers the setting as an interconnected web that can be managed organically. Not only are the standard conditions of light and moisture considered but the soil structure and biota are key parts of the design. This root to tip approach ensures long-term health of the landscape - creating more robust plants that require less water and have a greater disease resistance.

The images below present a sampling of the work by AJF Design. Click on each image for additional views of the project.



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Farmhouse Landscape Renovated Dairy Farm
Vegetable Garden Orangerie
Kitchen Garden White Garden
Greenhouse Bucks County Landscape
Historic Boxwood Restoration Boxwood & Vegetable Garden
Carriage House Landscape Historic Landscape
Munder Skyles Garden Showroom River House


AJF Design - P.O. Box 292 - Pottersville, NJ - 07979