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Vegetable Garden

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AJF specializes in creating unique vegetable gardens and potagers that captivate gardeners of all ages. These gardens feature the true variety found in nature by creating layers where tall plants are integrated with short, vibrant with subtle, textured with smooth, and early cultivars with late. This integration allows the vegetables to not only be utilized for their edibility, but for their impact on the aesthetic. These are gardens where corn becomes the exclamation point and gourds are allowed to wander outside the borders and swallow up the empty spaces that arise in late summer.

Boxwood are often used as the structure and backbone of the garden – providing year-round interest and creating the space in which the vegetables can grow in their own natural habit. Each vegetable garden we create is designed specifically to engage that particular client by highlighting unusual cultivars of fruits, vegetables, and flowering plants that connect him or her to the space.



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